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Stainless Steel (316) Tab Washer

Original price £13.00 - Original price £28.00
Original price
£13.00 - £28.00
Current price £13.00

Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Tab Washer

Used to secure propeller shaft nut.

Double slotted for different keyway widths.

Available Sizes from stock: (Other Sizes Available on Request)

I.D.         O.D.

16mm x 37mm

20mm x 45mm

24mm x 50mm

30mm x 65mm

36mm x 75mm

42mm x 86mm

48mm x 102mm


3/4" x 37mm

7/8" x 45mm

1" x 50mm

1 1/4" x 64m

1 1/2" x 75mm