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Prop Refurb & Re-pitching


We can recondition Manganese bronze and Aluminium Bronze (NiBrAl)

All Propellers are Re-welded if required and then polished, balanced, re-tracked and Aluminium Propellers are re-painted.

The price depends on the size, material and amount of work required. - 

As a guide:  The cost is around 40% of the price of a new propeller of the same size and material.

It would be wise to contact us prior to sending or delivering a Propeller to check viability and get an estimate of cost. Some propellers can be bent beyond “the point of no return”, and if a propeller has severe electrolysis repair is not possible. 

As a good guide, if a propeller is held at the boss and a blade is tapped with a metal object, it should 'ring'. If a dull thud results, it is most likely beyond repair.

The pictures below are of a Manganese Bronze propeller with bent blades and shows the refurbishment process.

The blades were straightened and weld built up to replace the missing sections of the blade. It was then polished and profiled before being balanced, re-tracked and the final finishing polish.

Propeller refurbishment propeller refurb


propeller refurbishmentpropeller refurbishment finished blade

Finished propeller

Propeller Re-Pitching

Bronze propellers can also be re-pitched.