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Bronze Fixed Blade Goldline Propellers


Our Standard series Goldline Propellers are cast in Manganese Bronze or in Nickel Aluminium Bronze - NiBrAl. The Manganese Bronze is mainly used in less demanding applications that are not under extreme cavitation loading or where high vessel speeds are not a requirement and customers can benefit from the economic advantage of this less expensive material.

We offer the alternative NiBrAl alloy where its superior strength characteristics are required or where vessel performance is a critical factor. Both alloys are easy to repair and have good resistance to erosion and fatigue stress.

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 Michigan goldline propeller    3 blade Michigan Goldline propellerMichigan 4 blade propeller

Please contact us if you require a propeller to be bored to your specification, or you would like us to calculate propeller size, pitch and blade area.


Blade type – Diameter – Pitch – Rotation – Accurate taper dimension – Keyway size. OR Supply Boat details – Engine type – Maximum Horsepower – Maximum RPM – Gearbox reduction

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Dimensions required

Propeller taper dimensions

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 OR Propellers can be bored to your specification


The pitch can be measured using the methods in the links below

Method 1                          Method 2

Is your propeller the correct size?? Click here for a guide


We can recondition Manganese bronze, Aluminium bronze and Aluminium (outboard and outdrive propellers). All Propellers are Re-welded if required and then polished, balanced, re-tracked and Aluminium Propellers are re-painted. The price depends on the size, material and amount of work required. Bronze propellers can also be re-pitched. It would be wise to contact us prior to sending or delivering a Propeller to check viability and get an estimate of cost. Some propellers can be bent beyond “the point of no return”, and if a propeller has severe electrolysis repair is not possible. As a good guide, if a propeller is held at the boss and a blade is tapped with a metal object, it should “ring”. If a dull thud results it is most likely beyond repair.


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Below is a very small selection of propellers with standard taper bores for purchase online.

Most of our propeller are made to your specification

Please contact us if you require a propeller to be bored to your specification, or you would like us to calculate propeller size, pitch and blade area.

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