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Shaft Knife Plus - Rope Cutter

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£216.00 - £657.00
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Shaft Knife Plus - Propeller Shaft Rope Cutter

The rope cutter is a significant safety benefit and helps to protect the shaft line against damage. The unique design offers a superior cutting action and eliminates the vibrations and shocks that are often associated with the scissor or chopper style cutters. It also significantly reduces the cavitation potential linked to other disc type cutters. 

There are no moving parts to service or maintain. All cutters are built from a stainless steel 316L blank and are CNC machined to ensure repeatable accuracy and importantly to maintain the distinctive cutter configuration. The standard series recreational cutter is available to suit propeller shaft diameters up to 60mm (2 ½”).
Installation of this rope cutter is really easy and quick by tightening round-headed screws on the shaft. This part in stainless steel 316L is quite suitable for pleasure boat use. When ropes, lines or cables wrapped around the propeller, it cuts them and thus avoids damage to the propeller, propeller shaft, gearbox and associated stern gear.
The Rope Cutter is quick and easy to install and requires no modification to existing propeller shaft.
Available in Metric and Imperial shaft sizes. Starting at 25mm and 1" .
Stainless steel propeller rope cutter. Shaft Knife