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Michigan Saildrive Propeller 16" x 12" LH

Original price £250.00 - Original price £250.00
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£250.00 - £250.00
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  • Yanmar
  • Volvo
  • Lombardini
  • Bukh
  • Nanni
  • Selva
  • Twin Disc
  • TMC
  • Sonic
  • Hydrodrive

With improved blade geometry and a constant uniform surface finish the MMP SAILDRIVE delivers a smoother performance. The tighter tolerance Hub eliminates the premature failure experienced with other brands and ensures the boat owner a more efficient motoring experience.

SAILDRIVE is supplied ready to use out of the box with the bush insert pre-fitted. The tough flexible rubber casing around the spline protects the driveline against any potential damage created by gear changes whilst at the same time helping to absorb any clunky gearbox noises.


Our SAILDRIVE Propellers are built in accordance with ISO 484/2 and supplied with a comprehensive warranty to include materials and workmanship. A unique serial number is stamped on the hub to allow complete traceability of material chemical composition and mechanical characteristics.


MMP SAILDRIVE are built in LM-5 Aluminium Alloy giving the propellers outstanding strength and high corrosion resistance characteristics. The Aluminium splined insert is moulded into a Duro-75 Rubber compound hub and fitted with a stainless-steel wear ring.

To complete the manufacturing process a 9003 Chromate-free etch primer is applied and finally SAILDRIVE is finished in a tough durable matt lead-free Powder Coating Interpon D1036 with outstanding colour retention properties.