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Racor 2040V Fuel Filter Element for Racor 900 (30 Micron)

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Racor replacement fuel filter / water separator elements for the Racor 900 turbine fuel filter series, Volvo 877768 and 877770 filters.

This Racor 2040V30 fuel filter element is also suitable to replace: Racor 2040PM-OR, Atlas Copco 2914809300 & 2914830700, Baldwin PF7889-30, Hengst 445200000 & E7040KP30, Orbitrade 17027-30, Scania 1675795, Separ 20430, Volvo 889419 and 3827507.

These are genuine 2040V Parker Racor fuel filter elements with 30 micron rating and Aquabloc water repelling treatment, ensuring that your Racor fuel filter operates to maximum efficiency. The Aquabloc technology will remove asphaltenes, water, gums and varnishes, as well as filtering out tiny particles of dirt and algae into the collection bowl underneath.

Style Cartridge Element
Suitable For Volvo
Element 30 Micron
Unit of Sale Single Unit
Replaces Racor 2040PM-OR, Atlas Copco 2914809300 & 2914830700, Baldwin PF7889-30, Hengst 445200000 & E7040KP30, Scania 1675795, Separ 20430, Volvo 889419 & 3827507, Orbitrade 17027-30
Brand Racor
Series 900 Series
Application Diesel. Racor 900 Turbine Fuel Filter Family, Volvo 877768 & 877770 (see description for engines)
Model 2040V30
Height Description 118mm (4-11/16")
Diameter Description 110mm (4-5/16")

The Racor 2040V30 fuel filter element fits the following Volvo Penta engines: AQD70B, AQD70BL, AQD70CL, AQD70D, D12D-A MG, D12D-E MG, D70CHC, D70CRC, D9-425, D9-500, D9-500 (R4), D9-500 (R5), D9-575, D9-A2A, D9-A2B, D9-A2C, D9-A2D, D9-A2E, D9A-MG, D9A-MH, D9-MH, MD100A, MD100B, MD100BCC, MD100BK, MD120A, MD120AK, MD70B, MD70BK, MD70C, TAD730P, TAD740GE, TAD741GE, TAMD102A, TAMD102D, TAMD120A, TAMD120AK, TAMD120B, TAMD120BCC, TAMD121C, TAMD121D, TAMD122A, TAMD122D, TAMD122P-A, TAMD122P-B, TAMD122P-C, TAMD162A, TAMD162B, TAMD162C, TAMD162C-B, TAMD162C-C, TAMD163A-A, TAMD163P-A, TAMD165A, TAMD165A-A, TAMD165C, TAMD165C-A, TAMD165P, TAMD165P-A, TAMD60C, TAMD61A, TAMD62A, TAMD63L-A, TAMD63P-A, TAMD70B, TAMD70C, TAMD70D, TAMD70E, TAMD71A, TAMD71B, TAMD72A, TAMD72P-A, TAMD72WJ-A, TAMD73P-A, TAMD73WJ-A, TAMD74A, TAMD74A-A, TAMD74A-B, TAMD74C-A, TAMD74C-B, TAMD74L-A, TAMD74L-B, TAMD74P-A, TAMD74P-B, TAMD75P-A, TD610G, TD70CHC, TD70CRC, TD710G, THAMD70B, THAMD70C, TMD100A, TMD100ACC, TMD100AK, TMD100C, TMD102A, TMD120A, TMD120AK, TMD120B, TMD121C, TMD122A, TMD70B, TMD70C, TWD610G, TWD610P, TWD710G and TWD710P.