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R&D Flexible Engine Mount (SET OF 4) 800-014

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£226.80 - £226.80
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R&D flexible engine mountings have been designed and engineered for the rigours of marine engines.

The flexible engine mount has added features of being fail-safe, working within controlled limits and able to withstand a roll-over test. The mount is soft vertically and at right angles to the crankshaft to isolate vibrations, as well as being able to cope with propeller thrust. It is a low height mounting to absorb vibrations better.

Maximum clearance between the underside of the height adjusting nut and top washer must not be more than 10mm. If more height is required use a spacer under the mounting casting.

Application 4 Cylinder Engines, 6 Cylinder & Over Engines
Height 137mm (5.38"), Base: 63.5mm (2.5")
Length Base: 127mm (5")
Max Load 136kg to 309kg (300lbs to 680lbs)
Width Base: 69.85mm (2.75")
Brand R&D Marine
Suitable For 4 Cylinder Engines|6 Cylinder & Over Engines
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Engine Mount Shear Super Engine Mounts
Deflection 2.3mm to 5.4mm (0.09" to 0.21")
Dimensions Height Adjusting Nut Thickness: 14mm (0.55")
Mount Pre loaded 2.3mm (0.09")
Stud Size 5/8" UNF