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R&D Clamp Couplings (Standard 4" Flange) Protective Zinc Plated

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Zinc Plated for Protection Against Corrosion 

We are now offering the R&D Split Shaft Couplings with a Protective Zinc Plating

Standard 4" Clamp coupling to suit the following gearboxes: Hurth, PRM and Borg Warner ZF Etc.

4" Diameter. 

4 Hole

3.25" P.C.D.

2.5" Male Register

Coupling dimensions:

a - Flange outside diameter = 4.00"
b - Hole pitch circle = 3.25"
c - Number of holes = 4
d - Hose size = 10mm
e - Register diameter = 2.50" male
f - Coupling length = 3.19"
g - Coupling clamp boss diameter = 3.38"

Split Half Solid Shaft Coupling Dimensions Diagram

The R&D Marine Clamp Coupling is machined from solid steel and mates with the gearbox output coupling to connect the propeller shaft to the gearbox, usually via an R&D Flexible Coupling.

The clamp on split type propeller shaft coupling is machined to suit the propeller shaft diameter. It is simple to install and can be adjusted to the required position on the shaft. This clamp on shaft coupling is bored and is secured to the boat propeller shaft with the clamp bolts supplied.

Accurate shaft diameter and gearbox output flange measurements required  when ordering.

Recommended torque for the clamp bolts: 54Nm (40 lbsft).

Contact us for  non-standard couplings.