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PSS PRO Shaft Seal

Original price £391.00 - Original price £892.50
Original price
£391.00 - £892.50
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For 3/4" to 3-3/4" (20mm to 95mm) shaft diameters

The PSS PRO Shaft Seal is a mechanical face seal utilizing our proven stainless steel and carbon sealing components but adds a reinforced silicone bellows, a secondary shaft retention collar, 316 Stainless Steel hose clamps (rolled edges and non-perforated) and an optional Nitronic 50 rotor upgrade (for highly corrosive environments). Designed specifically for applications that will require increased durability and resistance to harsh, corrosive, high pressure, and otherwise demanding environments. The PSS PRO Shaft Seal is a specialized mechanical seal suitable for various applications, with unmatched performance.

Temperature Limits: -13°F to 425°F (-25°C to 220°C)
Pressure Limits: 40 PSI (2.75 BAR)
Shaft RPM Limits: 10,000 RPM
Carbon Graphite: Lapped to 4 HLB (0.000044" tolerance)
316SS / Nitronic 50: Faced to 9-12 Ra
Bellows Material: Molded formed silicone / fabric

You will need to know your shaft diameter and the outside diameter of your stern tube (shaft log).