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Manecraft Deep Sea Seal - EM Range

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£268.00 - £380.00
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Fitting instructions here

131mm overall compressed length when fitted


The ManeCraft seal comprises two main components; the Stationary Seat assembly and the Rotating Seal assembly, both moulded from tough oil resistant Chloroprene.

The Stationary Seat has a solid bronze ring bonded into it and is clamped onto the sterntube by two stainless steel hose clamps, this part remains stationary.
Incorporated into the stationary seal is a Red Emergency Clamp. The safety feature is for emergency use only and is protected by a tamper proof tag.

The Rotating Seal assembly is clamped onto the shaft whilst being compressed against the seat. As the shaft rotates so does the seal assembly. The sealing face seals against the stationary bronze seat, lubricated and cooled by the water inside the seal and aided by a water flush.

An air vent is incorporated in the flush system to avoid air locks preventing the water cooling the face. This also means that when the boat has been slipped no action is needed on re-launch.

ManeCraft seals are easy to fit and are direct replacements for old style propeller shaft packed glands (stuffing box). They do not require packing, adjusting, or maintenance and cannot wear a groove in the shaft. Following installation, all they need is a quick inspection in common with sea cocks, hoses and other hull fittings located below the waterline.

Accurate measurement of shaft and tube diameter is required.