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50mm x 70mm x 200mm Brass Shelled Cutless Bearing

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50mm x 70mm x 200mm

Available to purchase online, or contact us directly.

Brass Shelled Water Lubricated "Cutless"  


Please contact us for non-standard sizes


Rubber and water make the perfect combination for a bearing material and a lubricant. 
The natural resilience of rubber gives the bearing its shock, vibration and absorption properties. 
The shape of the Aqualube bearing is the main reason for its success. Unlike many other bearings on the market, the Aqualube bearing strips are shaped in such a way that a hydrodynamic water wedge is formed between shaft and bearing, even at very low shaft speed. Water is the perfect lubrication medium, particularly for marine craft, because of its natural abundance, noncompressibility, cooling properties, and low coefficient of friction when between bearing strip and shaft. The water enters the bearing through the longitudinal grooves and moves radially between the propeller shaft and the bearing face in a thin film. Once this film, or wedge, has developed the shaft does not actually come into contact with the bearing.