Vetus NLP 50 Waterlock / Muffler

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The Vetus NLP50 is a marine exhaust waterlock for 50mm /2" bore exhaust, made from synthetic materials. Due to the design of the waterlock, it also acts as an exhaust sound muffler. Vetus NLP waterlocks feature dual stage functionality, consisting of one lower chamber and one upper chamber. Coolant water and exhaust gas enter the inlet in the bottom chamber, travel up through the central riser tube and then exit through the outlet in the top chamber. The design prevents water flowing back down the exhaust line to the engine when it is switched off.

Installation of the Vetus waterlock is easy and flexible, due to the compact and clever design. The upper chamber can rotate through 360° to correctly position inlet and outlet ports to suit your application. These ports can also be rotated through 360° for extra convenience. This means installation is simple even in the most confined engine rooms.

This plastic Vetus waterlock is supplied with mounting straps to secure it in place, as well as drain plugs to help with winter storage.

Please Note: Vetus exhaust components are made from plastic and must only be fitted into wet exhaust systems. Maximum temperature should not exceed 70°C, otherwise the exhaust components may be damaged.

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