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Trudesign Skin Fitting with Hosetail WHITE

Original price $6.00 - Original price $30.00
Original price
$6.00 - $30.00
Current price $13.00

Trudesign domed skin fittings feature a thread for securing to the hull of the boat with a barbed tail at the end to connect a hose

This design of fitting can only be used in applications above the waterline

The domed design means that they do not need to be recessed into the hull and the collar of the fitting surface mounts on the hull. This makes them much easier to fit for new installations and simple for retro fitting

Key advantages:

  • Compatible with all hull types - aluminium, steel, wood, composite and GRP
  • Chemical resistant - unaffected by diesel, petrol, chemicals and antifouling paints
  • UV resistant - will not degrade or discolour
  • Fits Tru-Design ball valves