Trem Security Rope Rescue Line. 23m


A useful safety device for any vessel, a rapid deployment floating safety line for rescuing and retrieving persons from the water.

The highly visible Trem rescue line bag and rope is weighted appropriately for quick release, allowing it to travel well when thrown yet float on the surface of the water. It is compact enough to stow on board in a sensible position for easy and quick access.

The bright orange safety line has a spliced eye at one end and a nylon handle at the other for recovering persons. The rescue line can be recoiled into the bag and reused again. A velcro tab at the top of the bag helps to keep the rope safely in the bag whilst it is stowed away.

Trem Security Rope Rescue Line Specifications

Length 580mm
Diameter 100mm
Rope Length 23m (Approximately)
Rope Eye Diameter 100mm (Approximately)

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