Seastar Teleflex Morse Cable Steering



Seastar Teleflex Morse Cable steering
Mechanical cable steering consists of a rotary helm assembly with a 90 degree or 20 degree bezel kit. This helm connects to a single, Push – Pull cable. The other end of the cable attaches to the Rudder or Outboard and is anchored using a connection kit to suit the relevant application.



C230 and Cable (Light duty) and Cable (State Part No 130 and length in ft)

D290 Helm and Mounting kit and Cable (State Part No 766 and length in ft)

      seastar teleflex d290  

Safe T – QC – Quick connect Helm and Mounting kit and Cable (State Part No 461 and length in ft)


Outer Cable End

Cable Length

To calculate cable length required. Measure:

A  from the centre of the steering wheel to the gunwale

B  from the dashboard to the transom

C  from the gunwale to the mounting point of rudder / outboard

For rudders (and outboards without Thru tube):

Cable length is A + B + C {Less 10cm (4 inches) for each 90 degree bend}

For outboards WITH Thru tube:

Cable length is A + B + C + 30cm {Less 10cm (4 inches) for each 90 degree bend}


Cables lengths are available in 1 foot increments.

To identify an existing cable:

Most cables are marked with part number and length on the cable jacket towards one end of the cable. Older cables could be metric in 0.25m increments.

Or to measure a cable, the measurement of a cable is taken from the point the cable attaches to the helm to the end of the cable in the mid stroke position. (as example below)





Various anchor kits are available for the rudder / outboard end

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