Halyard Marine Maritex Sound Insulation (Self Adhesive)

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Halyard Marine Maritex sound insulation

4 sheets per box.

Sheet size: 1m x 0.6m

Priced per pack of 4


Marine diesels create very high noise levels – often well over 100 decibels. Engines are always located close to the boat user, generally in engine spaces made from GRP, timber, or steel. Noise insulation changes all this. It adds a soft facing to hard bulkheads to absorb noise and stop it bouncing around and growing. It features a clever multi-layer construction to make a thin material more effective than simple insulations many times thicker.
 The absorption layer
A thick layer of fire zero-rated foam which soaks up noise and stops it bouncing around the engine space.
 The transmission layer
A high-density barrier provides the highest possible mass and gives the best noise reduction. The damping layer weighs 5kgs per square meter – more than the lead sheet used in older materials.
 The isolation layer
This thin layer of foam has a crucial function: It acts like the gap in double glazing and stops the noise which hits the transmission layer being carried through to the bulkhead – just like the gap in double glazing.

The multi-layer construction used in Halyard® materials offers the best possible acoustic result in thicknesses which can be accommodated in the tightest engine space, beating simpler materials many times as thick.

An immensely tough fiberglass cloth with a sealed metallised skin so it cannot absorb oil. It won’t tear or fray. It looks heavy duty, and it is fire zero rated. Maritex is simply the best facing in the Halyard® range. Maritex is fire zero rated to BS 476 parts 6 and 7.


• 32mm (1.25").
The standard thickness used throughout the industry. Today’s fire zero rated foams have increased the weight and made this material even more effective. 32 mm is the choice for any installation where the builder wants an excellent result at a sensible cost. Remember, you can always double layer it in critical areas. Supplied with 4 sheets 1000 mm x 600 mm (39” x 24”) per box


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